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Day 5: Mundane and Motivating

Pick a letter of the alphabet. Now imagine two aisles of your local supermarket. List everything found in those two aisles that begin with that letter of the alphabet.

Okay, so I picked the letter B. I shop in Lidl, where everything is a little oddly laid out so the two aisles I chose have a bit of everything. It’s not cheating really. So the two aisles basically incorporate cereals, breads, biscuits/chocolates, nuts, crisps, meats, vegetables and I think fruit juices as well, though I’m not a massive fan of fruit juice so I normally bypass that part.

So here’s the list of foods I could think of on those aisles that begin with B:

Broccoli, Bread (White, Brown, Ciabatta, cheese-topped [which is the best kind of bread in my opinion], pumpkin seed [basically I chose an aisle that contains the bakery so all the kinds of bread that Lidl do are on this list!]), Biscuits (The biscuits are on the same aisle as the bread so ditto to that, all the kinds of biscuits that Lidl stock. They’re Jaffa Cakes are the most glorious Jaffa Cakes you will ever eat), Brussel Sprouts, Beetroot, Bay Leaves, Basil (fresh), Blueberries, Brazil Nuts, Bananas, Blackberris, Beef (mince, steaks, all the general cow parts), Bran Flakes (though I’m not sure what they’re called in Lidl. ‘Generic Bran based cereal?’ I don’t really care it’s only 89p for a box.) Bagels (though I guess they count as bread too, but hey, it’s another B word), Baby Carrots, Baby Spinach (I’m clutching at straws at this point for foods that begin with B on the aisles that I chose).

I think Day 5 is more of a precursor to Day 6 of this writing challenge. It’s a bit rubbish to be honest, it’s just a list of food, but there you go, I didn’t want to skip a day.

Come back tomorrow for something a bit more exciting and in the meantime, here’s an image I found on The Writer’s Circle’s Facebook Page (which posts some really interesting stuff, you should take a look) that’s been motivating me to write. I hope it does the same for you πŸ™‚

the writer's circle 17.06.15
the writer’s circle 17.06.15

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