My Writing

Day 10: Legacies

What do you want to be remembered for?

Writing books.

I know that’s not a very writerly answer. It’s not long, it’s not descriptive, there’s no story there, not even an idea, which I guess is the point of this 30 day challenge, to come up with ideas. But that’s the only answer I can think of to that question. It doesn’t give me an idea for a story to write so I can write the books I want to be remembered for. But what it does do is remind me why I’m doing this challenge, and why I started this blog. To write. So I can write the books that people will remember me for. It’s the one piece of advice that every writer gives to aspiring writers like me. Write every day. So even though this post isn’t going to be the beginning of my first novel, it still got me sitting in front of my laptop and got my writing brain ticking, and that’s definitely step number one.

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