My Writing

Day 11: Seeing Snowflakes

What was your first childhood pet?  Describe it in detail.

A white rabbit called Snowflake. In hindsight we should have made a more ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed joke name, but Snowflake seemed right at the time. I came home from school one day and my uncle was there with a rabbit. I don’t know much more than that. I was a seven year old kid who had just been given a rabbit, I wasn’t about to ask any questions. I remember a photo that was taken that day of me and Snowflake in our back garden. A little mousy-haired girl with a butter-wouldn’t-melt grin on her face petting the cutest little milky ball of fluff you ever did see. If Facebook was a thing back then it definitely would have been my profile picture.

I loved that rabbit. We had a hutch for him in the back garden. I would run home from school every day to let him out into the garden. His main hobby was eating the yellow heads off the dandelions. Most of the time the garden was just peppered with dandelion stalks and a very content rabbit. And rabbit poo. A lot of rabbit poo. It always reminded me of Nesquik. I never really liked Nesquik, I wonder why that could be?

Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy ending. We only had him for about five or six months. One morning my Mam went out to feed him and found him lying lifelessly in his hutch. We buried him in the back garden. The cause of his death is still a bit of a mystery to us to be honest. I guess that could be an idea for a story. The Baffling Mystery of the Beloved Bunny.

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