My Writing

Day 13 – Caught in the Act

Write about a random picture you would find in an envelope of finished prints at Costco
The sun glares through the lens flare in the corner of the photo. The sky is cloudless and bright, the blue reflected onto the crystal sea below.The two people in the forefront are enjoying the weather, squinting through the sunlight to grin at the camera. Her red bikini contrasts against the blue backdrop and the sandy beach they are standing on. Her smile reaches all the way to her eyes. Her arm is wrapped around his waist, as if pulling him closer to her. His arm is around her, his wrist resting on her shoulder. His eyes are blocked by his sunglasses but his grin is just as wide as hers. His white teeth beam against his tanned face. His left hand hangs loosely by his side, his phone gripped in his fingers. A white outline on his ring finger that hasn’t quite tanned like the rest if his hand.

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