My Writing

Day 15: Conviction

Create a character who is falsely accused of a crime

The foreman’s words settles over the crowd in the courtroom. Guilty. Ollie had known it was coming. He would go so far as to say that he had invited it. They told him that he should show some remorse; they’ll turn on him otherwise. But he couldn’t act like he was sorry. He wasn’t. Adam had deserved to die. The animal deserved worse. Ollie was only sorry that his death wasn’t more painful. But the bullet had hit him straight in the heart, or so he was told afterwards. Adam just had time to drop to his knees before crumpling onto the floor. It was a matter of seconds. He was probably too drunk to feel any pain anyway.

Ollie looked into the small crowd as he was escorted out of the courtroom. Lizzie was sitting at the back with her hands clutching her handbag. He could see the whites of her knuckles from the front of the room. She didn’t seem to notice the people filing past her as they left. Her eyes were fixed on Ollie. He tried to smile at her, to reassure her that everything was okay. At least she was safe now. She would be fine. She was strong, stronger than Ollie had realised.

He never thought he would see the day when she would say she was done, she wanted to be free of him. They thought they could pack all her things before Adam came home. They heard the door slam shut. Ollie’s car outside had let him know that Lizzie wasn’t alone in the house and he wasn’t happy. Ollie could smell the beer wafting from him as he came into the sitting room. She told him she was leaving. His mock sadness didn’t fool Ollie. What am I supposed to do without you? I can’t live without you, baby. I’ll stop drinking, I swear. The same lies he had been peddling since he married Ollie’s sister six years before. Ollie stepped in front of him when he tried to reach for Lizzie. His grief mask fell, replaced by red eyes and flared nostrils. His fist hit Ollie’s nose with a crunch and Ollie staggered backwards. When he regained his focus Adam was laughing. The smile was still on his face when he fell to the ground. Ollie didn’t know where Lizzie had gotten the gun from. She told him afterwards that it was Adam’s. He kept it in is wardrobe. She had taken it while she was packing her clothes, worried he would come after her when he found out she had left. Ollie grabbed the gun from her and dropped it to the ground. She was crying, her apologies lost behind sobs. he hugged her. It would be fine. He would take care of it.

When the police got to the house Ollie was there alone, with the body and the gun.

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