My Writing

Day 18: Bad Trip

Take a reader behind the wheel with the worst driver you’ve ever known

Stella watched as the speedometer hovered around fifty. She willed it to move closer to the sixty speed limit but it stayed exactly where it was.

‘Could you speed up a little by any chance? My flight leaves in an hour.’

‘Oh we’ve got plenty of time, don’t worry,’ Nathan grinned, ‘we’re almost there anyway.’

She looked out of the window at her unfamiliar surroundings. She hoped he was right. She was starting to wish she had never accepted a lift from him. But Lisa’s parents had insisted and she was slightly worried that her American accent would hike up the price of any taxi without her knowing any better.

Nathan must have had the heating turned up fill blast. Stella could feel sweat start to form against the back of her neck. She wanted to open her window but she knew the cold English air would be even worse. As much fun as she had visiting Lisa she couldn’t wait to be back in New York where the summer was actually a summer.

The car jerked forward and her handbag slipped off her lap.

‘Sorry,’ he said, as she bent down to pick it up.

Jeez, how long had he been driving for and this was how he did it? They were stopped at a red light and he was was just tapping on the accelerator, jerking forward without actually moving anywhere. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel as if counting down the seconds until the light turned green. She was starting to feel a little nauseated, probably travel sickness. She never got travel-sickness, but then again she was never in a car with someone as bad a driver as Nathan.

He had turned off the main road onto a cobblestoned path which was making her stomach even worse. She didn’t remember this way when she arrived.

‘Are you sure this is the way to airport?’

‘Don’t worry, I know where we’re going.’

She looked at Nathan. His eyes were concentrated on the road. He was leaning right into the steering wheel, his foot tapping the accelerator as we edged along the bumpy road. Stella’s stomach lurched and she thought she was going to vomit, but she managed to keep it down. Her head was starting to feel a bit woozy. It was so hot in the car. She tried to open her window but her fingers couldn’t grasp the roller. She felt the car jerk forward again as Nathan put his weight on the accelerator. They flew forward. Stella tried to tell him to slow down but she couldn’t speak. Her eyes were so heavy, she felt like she just wanted to sleep. She turned to Nathan who was looking at her, a grin on his face. Her stomach lurched again as her eyes closed and her head nodded forward, Nathan’s grinning face was the last thing she remembered before she woke up, unable to move her arms or legs.

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