My Writing

Day 23: A Villainous Version of Events

Pretend you’re a cartoon character.  What type of a character would you be?  What would a day in your life be like?

I wish this bitch would just shut up already with the singing.

‘Only dogs can hear you.’ I scream as her voice hits a note I’ve never heard come from a human.

She can’t hear me, obviously. Sound doesn’t travel back through Arachna. He sits in his little corners of the castle, observing the little vermin that this town calls a princess. His eyes are my eyes, his ears, my ears. Although this screeching is making me wish I could rip his ears out so I wouldn’t have to listen to it anymore. I’m surprised the bloody mirror hasn’t smashed to pieces at this point. It’s not like she needs it. She has those twittering bloody blue tits to brush her hair for her. The girl does nothing for herself thanks to the animals she has roaming in and out of her room. If I was her mother I would have called an exterminator by now. It can’t be hygienic to have so many wild animals wandering around your bedroom.

I sigh at the thought of her mother. She would have been thirty two next week. She would have celebrated with an extravagant party in the courtyard. Food and drink would have endlessly poured from the kitchen. The whole town would have reveled in it.

And I would have been there, celebrating with her. Because that’s what sisters do. They celebrate together. Even when they know they’re not wanted by their brother-in-law who is such a goddamn bigot that he would try to turn his wife against her own family. He never trusted me, from the first time he saw me levitate our family cat when we were kids. He made fun of me, called me a weirdo, a witch. He made the townspeople wary of me, of my powers. I was never quite trusted. But no matter how much he tried he never got in between me and Amelia. She was always on my side. When she told me she was pregnant I was as overjoyed as she was. A little girl to join our team. She suffered with the pregnancy, was desperately sick every day. She begged me to give her something, nothing the doctor could do was helping. She never should have told him that I had given her a potion. I know it wasn’t that killed her. I don’t know what it was,  but I know in my heart that it wasn’t the potion I gave her.

He got what he wanted in the end. The town shunned me. I was exiled, outcast. They all believed I had killed my own sister in a fit of jealous rage.

So now I spend my days sitting in my castle, watching my niece grow up before my eyes. Being taught to hate me. She is too much like her father and I hate her for it. She walks like him, like she owns everyone and everything around her. Like she thinks she’s better than everyone else. She’s a spoiled little brat. But she looks like Amelia, and that’s worse than everything else. She looks exactly like her mother, her beauty, her grace. But she acts like her father. It’s like Amelia is right there in front of me, but it’s not a good version of her. It’s an evil one. A monster Amelia. I can’t stand to look at her sometimes.

But things are going to change very soon. She turns sixteen next week and I know something that she and her father don’t. There’s a prince on his way to our cosy little town and I think he’s going to stir things up. If I have my way.

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