My Writing

Day 24: Sleepless Nights

Write about the longest amount of time you’ve ever gone without sleeping

My eyes ached from staring at the screen. Black letters spun in front of my face and my head felt dizzy. I reached for the mug on the desk beside me and took a gulp. The glorious caramel-coloured liquid warmed my throat and I could feel the caffeine pumping through me.

I glance at the clock. 4.07 am. Five hours until the essay was due. The word count was edging nearer the required five thousand, but I was fast running out of arguments to make. I rubbed my eyes, hoping I could dislodge some kind of idea that might have been tucked away behind them. Stars circled my vision as I took my hands away. I picked up my notebook and looked through the pages of scribbled notes. There must be another quote or reference I can use. My eyes itched and I rubbed them again. As I pulled my hands away I saw something run across the pages of my notebook. I jumped and looked around my desk. There was nothing there. I could have sworn I saw something. Maybe a spider? I looked back at the notebook. There as a black blob in the corner of the page. It looked like a pen had leaked onto the page. But when I stared at it I noticed that it was moving. It was squiggling round as if it was vibrating. It sprouted tiny ink legs and started moving off the page. I stared as it walked right of the page. I picked up the notebook looking for it. It must have gone underneath. But there was no sign of it. No ink splodge on the desk or on any of the pages of the notebook. I could have sworn I saw it.

I really needed to get some sleep.

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