My Writing

Day 25: Twitching Curtains

Write about ‘What the Neighbors Saw. 

She peered out of her bedroom window at the car pulling out into the driveway next door. She watched a man get out of the driver’s side. She recognised him. He had been at the house many times before. Normally late, but not this late, she noted, as she saw her clock flash five am. No, this was definitely an out of the ordinary visit. He stood at the car as the front door of the house opened. Diane walked out, carrying a large suitcase. She hugged the man tightly. He took the suitcase from her and dropped it into the boot of the car as Diane got into the passenger seat. He got into the driver’s side and the car crept out of the driveway.

I wonder, she thought, what I will tell Darren tomorrow about his wife’s sudden disappearance.

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