My Writing

Day 27: No White Light

Make up a near-death experience

Abby blinked. Where was she? Her head was thumping and she ached all over. She looked around. She was in a…a room? You couldn’t really call it that, there were no walls, no doors, no windows, come to think of it, Abby wasn’t even sure there was a floor. She seemed to just be standing on nothing…floating, she supposed. It was the strangest feeling. She tried to move her legs but they felt heavy, as if someone had filled them with water.

She shook her head. What was going on?

What was this place?

She tried to think about the last thing she remembered. A siren, yes she could remember a siren. And a car. It was all slowly coming back to her. The car, the stolen car, the police…the wall. Then she heard this deafening noise. She put her hands over her ears to block it out but she could still hear it. What was that? It was horrible. It made her skin crawl and her stomach turn. It sounded like someone screaming. Someone who was in pain, in agony. Who was it? What was wrong with them? She wanted it to stop. It was making her head hurt even more and she was starting to feel slightly sick. Why won’t they stop screaming?

An image appeared in front of her. It was far away so she couldn’t quite see what it was. Another room? It started to creep closer and closer. Yes, it was a room. A white room. She squinted, trying to make out what was in the room…People…A bed.

Someone was in the bed. Wait…it was her. She was in the bed. What was going on? Why could she see herself lying in a bed? Was she dreaming? The image came closer still. It was a hospital room and the people around her were doctors. She looked at herself in the bed. She looked different. Her face was the wrong colour. It was too pale, except for a large red stain on her forehead. What was going on?

She could still hear the screaming. It was deafening, why wouldn’t it stop? It didn’t sound like it was coming from anywhere around her. It was as if it was in her own head. A constant, ear-splitting scream that she couldn’t stop.

She stared at the room in front of her. She felt the urge to walk backwards, away from the commotion of the hospital room. That was where the pain was coming from, that was why she was screaming. She needed to get away. There would be peace and calm if she could get away from the image of the hospital room. But her legs were still heavy and she couldn’t move. She kept trying to pull away but the more she did the more she felt her body being pulled back towards the hospital room. She was edging closer and closer to the room. She could hear the doctors shouting. The screaming in her own head was getting louder and louder as she got closer. She closed her eyes tight, longing for the noise and the din to stop.

When she opened her eyes again she was lying down, looking up at a white ceiling and the smiling face of a nurse.

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