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‘Where She Went’, by B.E Jones: Book Review

3 out of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Melanie Black has woken up in a strange man’s bed. It’s not necessarily an unusual occurrence, but when he completely ignores her she starts to get worried. Her concern is made even worse when the man’s wife comes into the room, and also completely ignores her. She soon comes to realise what’s going on. She’s dead. And she has woken up in the house of her murderer.

Melanie has to figure out what happened to her before she woke up in Peter Albright’s bed. And once she does she must figure out what to do next. Help the police catch Peter and bring their own justice, or take matters into her own hands and exact her own revenge?

Where She Went isn’t your typical psychological thriller. There isn’t really a whodunnit aspect, you know basically straight away that Peter is the murderer. It’s a bit more about the ‘how’ than the ‘who’. As Mel gets used to her situation she reveals more about what she remembers from the night she was murdered. There is a slight twist in the end. It’s not something that particularly shocked me, but I have heard others saying they were amazed and loved it so maybe it just wasn’t for me.

Seeing the investigation unfold through the eyes of the media was an interesting change from the normal police procedural as well. It’s different to see how the news deals with a murder, and the connections they have with the police and the information the police wants to give out. It definitely keeps you reading.

I love the concept of the book, with Mel waking up in her murderer’s house. She discovers that, even though Peter and his family can’t hear her, she can influence their thoughts and hear what they’re thinking. It does take a bit of a stretch of the imagination, but it’s an interesting way to have her communicate with the other characters.

Mel isn’t a particularly likeable character, however. As her memories unfold and we find out more about her, it becomes apparent that she was a bit of a bitch. She’s what I imagine Regina George would grow up to be. As horrible as this probably sounds, it’s difficult to have any sympathy for the fact that she’s dead. In fact, there aren’t any likeable characters in the book. Peter is obviously an insecure, misogynistic murderer, not much to like there. Peter’s wife Eve is the only one who isn’t a terrible person, but even still she’s not especially engaging. I think the reader is supposed to feel for her as the abused wife, but she does nothing to help herself and just comes across as a little bit whiny and pathetic. But unlikeable characters don’t necessarily mean an unlikeable book.

Where She Went is an unusual take on a typical story, and is worth a read. The ending is satisfying without being too shocking or uncomfortable. If you’re a fan of something a bit psychological then you’ll more than likely enjoy this.

Where She Went is out on 27th July 2017

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