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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

So I’ve been looking for some new ideas for this blog that aren’t just the normal book reviews, but I’ve been struggling a bit. Then I came across a book blog meme called Top Ten Tuesday and I’m excited. It’s hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl and it’s basically a different book-related list (who doesn’t love a list) every week. Top-Ten-Tuesday

So this is my very first Top Ten Tuesday and it’s my bookish goals for the year. I don’t quite have ten but what the hell, rules are made to be broken.

1. Get Through My TBR List

I’ve bought a lot of new books in the last year or so, which means that the books I’ve already got have taken a bit of a backseat. So this year I want to get through the books I have before I go too mad buying new ones. Of course this goal might take a bit of a hit in a few months because the likes of Liz Nugent, Catherine Ryan Howard, and Sabine Durrant all have new books coming out. But I can be good until then!

2. Keep Up With This Blog

I’ve been struggling a bit to keep up with updating this blog regularly. Last September I started working as a freelance copywriter (Homespun Copywriting, if you’re curious haha), so a lot of my writing efforts have been going on that, and unfortunately Rambling Reflections has gone down on my list of priorities. But I want to bring it back up this year and update it more often. This Top Ten Tuesday will definitely help, and I want to write a bit more about writing itself as well. This is meant to be a books and writing blog after all.

3. Write More

I want to do more fiction writing as well as blog writing this year. I call myself an aspiring author but I don’t write half as much as one. So that has to change . I bought a book of writing prompts a few weeks ago so I’m going to work through those and hope that I can up with something good

4. Find More Reading Time In My Day

I read every night before I go to bed. But depending on what I’ve been doing in the evenings, sometimes I don’t get a lot of time before bed, maybe just enough to get one chapter read. So I want to find more time to read during the day. I love curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and reading, so I don’t know why I don’t do it more often. (I’m starting to see a theme with my resolutions and I’m not sure where I’m going to get all of this extra time from. Ah well, I’ll persevere).

5. Keep Better Blogging Notes

When I’m reading a book and I see something that would be good to mention in a review I mostly write a note in the ‘Keep’ app on my phone and then forget about it completely when I go to write the actual review. Sometimes it doesn’t even get as far as the app. I want to keep better notes when it comes to my reviews so that I’m not struggling to fill a review when I do come around to writing it. I’ll try to incorporate it into my bullet journal (we all know how much I love a bullet journal) so at least everything will stay together, but I might get sick of using so many pages and need a specific notebook for it, we shall see.

6. Consider Not Finishing A Book

My Mam is always telling me that life is too short to read a book that you’re not enjoying, but I always feel bad if I don’t finish a book. I’ve only ever not finished two books because they were becoming a chore to read rather than an enjoyment – Moby Dick and Love In The Time Of Cholera. But there have been books that I haven’t enjoyed reading that much, but I’ve slogged through in the hopes that they’ll get better. They rarely do. So I want to listen to myself more often, and stop reading the books that I’m genuinely not enjoying.

7. Read More Book Blogs

I read so much content during my day for work that by the time I finish, reading more blogs is the last thing I want to do. But I know I’m missing out on a great community by not reading and engaging with other book bloggers, plus I could get so many book recommendations. So I want to make an effort to read more book blogs this year and engage with other bloggers. (If you’re a book blogger, or know of a good blog, please let me know.)

So those are my bookish goals for the year. Let’s see how I get on.

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