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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Could Re-Read Forever

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (a book inspired list-series from That Artsy Reader Girl) is books I could re-read forever. I might cheat slightly in this one by adding in a couple of series because otherwise, I wouldn’t get anywhere near 10 books. I don’t often re-read a lot of books, so if I do you can be sure they impressed the bejayzus out of me.

Top Ten Tuesday_ Books to reread

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

I absolutely adore this book. I’ve read it a few times already and would happily read it again and again. I like books set around WWII as it’s a part of history that I find interesting.

The Book Thief kind of does everything a book should do: makes you laugh, makes you cry, and has such a beautiful ending that you can’t help but love it. Plus, it’s narrated by Death, which works surprisingly well.  

The Dolocher, by Caroline Barry 

I’ve only read this book once so far, but I’ll definitely be reading it again and probably again after that. Even though it is a bit of a murder mystery, I don’t think knowing the ending would ruin another reading.

The story is so much more than a whodunnit. The characters are fascinating (Janey Mack made me laugh so much, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t a massive fan of precocious kids). I loved the Dublin setting as well, though I did have to stop reading every now and again to find out where certain streets were so I could make sure I knew exactly where they were.

This book is basically the best combination of gore, history, and comedy you’re going to find anywhere.

The Thursday Next Series, by Jasper Fforde 

This is technically 8 books (I told you I was going to cheat slightly), but they’re all well worth multiple reads.

This book is basically the dream of every book lover: to be able to visit the worlds of all your favourite books and interact with the characters. Of course, it doesn’t always go well for Thursday Next, people try to kill her a lot. But it still sounds like fun! It also makes me want a pet dodo.

Fforde’s imagination at coming up with this entire literary world is amazing. Everything is so cleverly done and just pulls you right in, I love it so much.

The Harry Potter Series, by JK Rowling

Cheating again because this is 7 books, but you can’t have a list of re-readable books without the Harry Potter series on it. No HP fan only reads the books once.

What gets me about these books is that every time you read them you find something you haven’t noticed before. And you only get a lot of this in re-reads, because it’s stuff you don’t realise is important until you read a later book.

I know some people have problems with JK Rowling these days, but I still think she’s a fantastic writer. Anyone who can create a world as fascinating and universally relatable is great in my book.

Rebecca, by Daphne DuMaurier

This is one of the few ‘classics’ that I actually enjoyed reading, and could easily read it over and over again. Like The Dolocher I don’t think knowing the ending makes any difference to the enjoyment of it.

It’s got a creepy, gothic atmosphere, fascinating characters, a romance, and a mystery at the heart of it all. You literally could not ask for more from a book.

So there’s my 5 (or 18, if you count the series) favourite re-reads. This has made me want to read them all again right now. Damn my long TBR list!


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