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Top Ten Tuesday: Books With Red, White and Blue Covers

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Top Ten Tuesday post, I missed them. So here we go. Top Ten Tuesday is a list challenge run by That Artsy Reader Girl. This weeks list is books that have red, white and blue covers, in honour of the 4th July tomorrow. Or we can choose books with the colours of our own flag (green, white and orange in my Irish case).

Top-Ten-TuesdaySo it turns out that green, white and orange book covers are pretty damn difficult to come by, at least in all the books I’ve read. Red, white and blue isn’t any better, either. So I’ve compromised and come up with a list of both. Some of them are kind of clutching at straws to fit the brief, so just keep an open mind.

‘Oh Dear Sylvia,’ by Dawn French

oh-dear-sylvia-dawn-frenchThis is sort of a ‘clutching at straws’ one. There’s definitely green and white, and I’m saying the leaves are orange … light orange.

Anyways, this is a good book. It revolves around Sylvia Shute, a coma patient, and her family and friends who come to visit her in hospital. As they all talk to her, hoping she can hear them, secrets are told and the truth about what happened to land her in the hospital is revealed. An interesting story with a good ending.

‘The Liar’s Girl,’ by Catherine Ryan Howard

the-liar's-girl-catherine-ryan-howardThis is a red, white and blue one. Red writing, blue background, white title.

It’s also an amazing book. I’ve only recently finished it, and it gripped me from start to finish. Alison Smith thought she’d escaped her past and her ex-boyfriend Will Hurley who’s spent the last 10 years in prison as a serial killer. But when the Gardai knock on her door one morning saying that Will wants to talk to her, that he might have information about some recent murders that he’ll only tell her, she has to come face to face with it all over again. Catherine Ryan Howard at her best.

‘Instructions for a Heatwave,’ by Maggie O’Farrell

instructions-for-a-heatwave-maggie-o-farrellThis is another straw clutcher, this time for the red, white and blue side. There’s a white title, a vague blue sky, and what I’m saying is a red chair. Don’t fight me on this.

Instructions for a Heatwave follows the Riordan family after their father goes missing one morning after going to get a newspaper. The whole family converge on their childhood home, bringing with them their own personal and family issues, some new and some as old as they are. It’s a great book if you like reading about family dramas and dynamics.

‘Wicked’ by Gregory Maguire

wicked-gregory-maguireThis is probably one of the worst picks, because I can’t even pretend it has all the colours in it. There’s definitely green and white, but no orange. But I figure that much green is enough to pass as Irish so I’m going with it.

Wicked is a retelling of the story of the Wicked Witch of the West. The musical Wicked is based on this book, but if you’ve seen the musical, don’t expect such an optimistic story in the book. This is dark, a little gorey, and extremely political. It’s great and has three sequels that are worth reading as well, Son of a WitchLion Among Men, and Out of Oz.

‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,’ by Mark Haddon

curious-incident-of-the-dog-in-the-nighttime-mark-haddonThere’s a crap-tonne of blue on this cover, with a splash of white in the title and an even tinier splash of red in the dog. Maybe a brownish-red, but there’s red in there, I can see it.

If you haven’t read this book then where in the hell have you been?? Sorry, that was rude. But seriously, read this book. It gives an autistic kid a voice that’s not only distinctive but powerful, interesting and poignant. He’s trying to find out how his neighbour’s dog was killed, and his thought processes are fascinating to read. It’s a hard book to describe, so basically, you just have to read it.

‘Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence,’ by Michael Marshall Smith

Hannah-Green-book-coverSo the snake on this cover is most definitely red, I know. But the green leaves and white title are there, so if you squint really hard the snake could be orange, right? Right?

Ah screw it, I loved this book anyway. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Hannah Green is a young girl who thinks her life is fairly ordinary. That is until her mother goes missing and she finds out that her grandfather is 150 years old and friends with the Devil. And then her life gets interesting.

‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,’ by JK Rowling

half-blood-prince-jk-rowlingThis is a two for one book cover here because it has all the colours I’m looking for, red and orange flames, blue background, and green and white writing. Best of all the flags.

This is the 6th in the Harry Potter series, the one where *spoiler alert* Dumbledore is killed by Snape. I still remember sitting on the couch reading this book and bawling my eyes out. I wasn’t over Sirius’ death from Order of the Phoenix yet, how dare she kill Dumbledore as well. And don’t even get me started on Dobby.

Well, that’s my red, white and blue / green, white and orange Top Ten Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed!




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