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A Fresh Cup Of Motivation!

So I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately and it’s been for a couple of reasons. Nothing too exciting, I’m afraid, it’s mostly because I’ve just moved house and packing and unpacking is a complete bitch that takes up all of the time in the universe (can you tell I’m so done with it?).

Moving hasn’t just stopped me from blogging though, it has also stopped me from reading. I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump for a couple of months now. I don’t feel like I’ve had the time to read, and I’m finding it hard to put in the effort of finding the time. It’s not to do with the books I’m reading, I’m enjoying them (I’m in the middle of One Little Lie by Sam Carrington at the minute and it’s great). But I’m just finding it hard to carve out the time in my day to actually sit and read.

So that’s why I’ve been a bit MIA since the end of July (two months flies by). But this weekend I went to a writing day run by The Inspiration Project (the brainchild of three amazing Irish writers, Catherine Ryan Howard, Hazel Gaynor, and Carmel Harrington). I had an absolutely amazing time listening to the three of them talk about their writing processes and giving us loads of tips, and I’ve definitely got a newfound motivation to get back into my writing.a-fresh-cup-of-motivation Now I know what you’re saying: ‘Everyone has a newfound motivation after a day of talks like that, it rarely last past the next day.’ But they anticipated that and gave us an action pack of tasks to do over the next couple of weeks to keep us motivated and writing, and so far it’s working.

‘Okay, so why are you rambling on about motivation and writing?’ I hear you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. I want to use this motivation to not only get some proper writing done but to write about that writing as well. I started Rachel’s Rambling Reflections as a books and writing blog, but the writing part has gone by the wayside a bit. I want to bring it back. I want to write about my writing, what’s going well and what’s not. I want to shout about my victories and vent about my failures. I don’t know if anyone actually wants to hear about that, but hey ho, it’s my blog 😛

I’ll still be writing book reviews, so don’t worry (I have a few NetGalley books that have been sitting on my shelf for too long), but I’ll be writing about writing as well. I’m going to make more of an effort to fit reading into my schedule as well as writing. We’ll see what happens, but fingers crossed you’ll see more of a variety of posts here rather than just book reviews.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

PS. The Inspiration Project is holding another one-day event in Cork on 26th January 2019. I would absolutely recommend anyone who can make it to go, it’s such a fun day and you’ll come away from it with so much knowledge, motivation, and inspiration.

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