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New Year, New Reading Challenge

Right, so I didn’t quite get to my Goodreads reading goal of 30 books in 2018. I’m blaming this on the fact that I moved house in September and that takes up a lot more time than I thought, not leaving me much time for reading 😦

But it’s 2019 now, so it’s time to start all over again with a new reading challenge. I’ve given myself 30 books again this year, in the hopes that I’ll actually hit that target this time. I’m already nearly finished book number 1, with three Netgalley books in a queue to be read next, so I’m ready to go!

I’ve also decided to try Popsugar’s Reading Challenge this year. They do a list every year of book prompts to tick off, and for once I’m actually going to do it.

I know I won’t tick everything off the list (especially since this year they’ve added some ‘advanced’ prompts at the end), but I’m going to try to do as many of them as I can.

I’ve already joined the Goodreads group to get some ideas for what books to read for each prompt (if you’re a member as well let me know, we can chat!), and I’ll add the prompt for each book in any reviews I do here.

I’m hoping that this challenge will make me read books I might not have picked up before, or themes I might not have thought about.

So those are my reading goals for the year. 30 books, and as many prompts ticked off the list as I can.

What about you, what are your reading goals for the year? Let me know in the comments.

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