‘Impossible Views of the World’, by Lucy Ives: Book Review

Stella Krakus is having a bad week. Her almost-ex-husband is basically stalking her, her glamorous-yet-overbearing mother wants to meet for lunch, and her boss/lover is breaking up their romance as gently as his narcissism will let him. On top of it all, her colleague Paul has gone missing. But he’s left behind a map that piques Stella’s interest. As she researches into its origins, a mystery opens itself that promises to reveal secrets Stella never dreamed of

‘The Forgetting Time’, by Sharon Guskin: Book Review

Sharon Guskin’s debut novel The Forgetting Time follows Janie Zimmerman and her 4-year-old son Noah. Noah suffers from nightmares. He is terrified of water and wakes up every night shouting for his mother. Only it’s not Janie he’s looking for. He wants his other mother. And he wants to go home, to a home that Janie has no knowledge of.

Dr Jerome Anderson has been diagnosed with a rare form of aphasia which causes him to forget words. He knows his mind will go completely, but he is determined to finish his book before it happens. Despite being a joke amongst his peers, his work looks at reincarnation, in particular at children who remember past lives.

Janie is sceptical of Jerome’s work, especially when she finds out he’s looking for a story to end his book on. But when they meet a mother who’s son has been missing for 8 years, she starts to wonder if Noah’s problems could finally be solved.

Book Review: ‘The House’, by Simon Lelic

Jack and Sydney have just bought their first house. They were shocked when they’re offer was accepted, especially considering how many people were at the viewing. But they don’t question it. The only catch is that they get all of the junk that the previous owner left in the house as well, but cleaning it all away is a small price to pay for their dream home.

But when Jack finds a strange box in the attic and hears noises during the night, he starts to wonder if there’s something more sinister going on in the house. And when a body turns up in the alley beside their house, the police start to wonder the same thing.

‘Where She Went’, by B.E Jones: Book Review

Melanie Black has woken up in a strange man’s bed. It’s not necessarily an unusual occurrence, but when he completely ignores her she starts to get worried. Her concern is made even worse when the man’s wife comes into the room, and also completely ignores her. She soon comes to realise what’s going on. She’s dead. And she has woken up in the house of her murderer.

‘Good Me, Bad Me’, By Ali Land: Book Review

Milly is starting a new life with her foster family. She desperately wants to fit in with them and have a permanent home somewhere she can feel safe. You see, Milly is really Annie. And Annie’s mother is a serial killer.

As her mother’s trial approaches, Milly has to try to come to terms with all of the horrors she saw in her house, and with the fact that it was she who turned her mother into the police.

But her mother is always in her head, permeating even her dreams, validating Milly’s fears that she can never be rid of her, and raising the question of whether she is destined to be her mother’s daughter in more than just birth.