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Day 28: Diary Dilemma

You read about yourself in your brother/sister, girlfriend/boyfriend’s diary.  What did you read? 

He knew he shouldn't read it. It was private, her own personal diary. She was always scribbling away in it, telling her secrets to it's pages. It was rare that she left it, but there it was, sitting on the dresser beside their bed. She must have forgotten to put it in her bag when she left. He picked it up without really thinking, just quickly flipping through the pages. He didn't intend to read it, but something caught his eye as he flicked past a page. His name. Curiosity got the better of him and he scanned the page for where he saw it.

Peter can never know.

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Day 27: No White Light

Make up a near-death experience 

Abby blinked. Where was she? Her head was thumping and she ached all over. She looked around. She was in a…a room? You couldn’t really call it that, there were no walls, no doors, no windows, come to think of it, Abby wasn’t even sure there was a floor. She seemed to just be standing on nothing…floating, she supposed. It was the strangest feeling. She tried to move her legs but they felt heavy, as if someone had filled them with water.

She shook her head. What was going on?

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Day 25: Twitching Curtains

Write about ‘What the Neighbors Saw. She peered out of her bedroom window at the car pulling out into the driveway next door. She watched a man get out of the driver's side. She recognised him. He had been at the house many times before. Normally late, but not this late, she noted, as she saw… Continue reading Day 25: Twitching Curtains

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Day 24: Sleepless Nights

Write about the longest amount of time you’ve ever gone without sleepingMy eyes ached from staring at the screen. Black letters spun in front of my face and my head felt dizzy. I reached for the mug on the desk beside me and took a gulp. The glorious caramel-coloured liquid warmed my throat and I… Continue reading Day 24: Sleepless Nights

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Day 23: A Villainous Version of Events

Pretend you’re a cartoon character.  What type of a character would you be?  What would a day in your life be like? 

I wish this bitch would just shut up already with the singing.

'Only dogs can hear you.' I scream as her voice hits a note I've never heard come from a human.

She can't hear me, obviously. Sound doesn't travel back through Arachna. He sits in his little corners of the castle, observing the little vermin that this town calls a princess. His eyes are my eyes, his ears, my ears. Although this screeching is making me wish I could rip his ears out so I wouldn't have to listen to it anymore

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Day 21: Feng Shui for Dummies

Find a job ad in the paper.  Write about your life if you had that job 

(The job ad I found was for a freelance interior decorator in London)

I have had some odd requests since I started doing this. I had one client who was completely superstitious of the colour green, which was difficult to deal with as she wanted me to make her office space seem more 'outdoorsy'. Another client told me that he didn't want me to paint his bedroom walls blue even though his wife had insisted on cerulean to be the colour of the feature wall. His reasoning was that his secretary didn't like the colour blue. All I could do was smile and nod. The customer is always right after all. And since I was still building up my portfolio I needed to take whatever jobs I could get.