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Day 20: Shoes and Pizza and Snow, Oh My

If you could go on only one more vacation in your lifetime, where would you go and why?

Well, like I said in yesterday's post, I'd love to visit New York City. I'm not really a big fan of sun-type holidays. Sitting on a beach or around a pool for hours on end just gets tedious after a while, plus my pasty Irish skin burns to a crisp pretty quickly. New York City (probably in Winter) seems like the perfect holiday destination to me.

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Day 18: Bad Trip

Take a reader behind the wheel with the worst driver you’ve ever known 

Stella watched as the speedometer hovered around fifty. She willed it to move closer to the sixty speed limit but it stayed exactly where it was.

'Could you speed up a little by any chance? My flight leaves in an hour.'

'Oh we've got plenty of time, don't worry,' Nathan grinned, 'we're almost there anyway.

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Day 17: Fast-Food Fallacy

'Alright so this is the grill, it's where we grill the burgers, if you can believe it.'

I smiled. It was obviously a joke he told every time he showed someone new around the kitchen but I felt like I should acknowledge it. He was my boss after all. I followed him as he showed me the timer buttons and explained where to put the food that was waiting to be served. It's always grossed me out a bit how long food can be left waiting before having to either be sold or thrown away. I hated to admit it, but I was always one of those annoying customers who asked for chips with no salt so I knew I'd get a fresh batch. I guess I was going to have to be on the other side of that for a while.

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Day 16: The Tale Of Annie Pearson

If we assume ghosts are real, what type of ghost would you like to see? 

I knew this flat was too good to be true. Central Dublin and nearly half the price of all the other flats I looked at? Of course there was a catch. It was the breakfast bar that did it. I've always wanted a kitchen with a breakfast bar and this has the perfect breakfast bar. It looks straight out of the window onto the city centre. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Guinness Storehouse. But the breakfast bar with a view was not worth this. I haven't had a proper night's sleep in about a week thanks to these noises.

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Day 15: Conviction

Create a character who is falsely accused of a crime 

The foreman's words settles over the crowd in the courtroom. Guilty. Ollie had known it was coming. He would go so far as to say that he had invited it. They told him that he should show some remorse; they'll turn on him otherwise. But he couldn't act like he was sorry. He wasn't. Adam had deserved to die. The animal deserved worse.

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Day 14: Return to Sender

Elvis still gets 100 Valentines each year. Tell about one of the people who sent one 

This was the year. She knew it. This was the year that he would reveal himself. She could feel it as she wrote the letter. Her heartfelt words filled the page in front of her. She knew he would feel compelled to write back to her, to contact her. How could he not? She was pouring her heart out, her entire being was spilling out through the ink of the pen for him.

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Day 13 – Caught in the Act

Write about a random picture you would find in an envelope of finished prints at Costco The sun glares through the lens flare in the corner of the photo. The sky is cloudless and bright, the blue reflected onto the crystal sea below.The two people in the forefront are enjoying the weather, squinting through the… Continue reading Day 13 – Caught in the Act

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Day 12: Rants and Ramblings (But Not Much Writing)

What is your favorite day of the week? 

This was a difficult one because I don't really have a favourite day of the week. It differs every week to be honest. I suppose a lot of people would say Saturday. it's the beginning of the weekend, you can have a lie in, especially if you went out for some drinks on the Friday night. Saturday is a good shopping day as well, a day to met up with friends, and you've still got Sunday to look forward to, a whole other day of the weekend. It's just an generally great day.

But unfortunately all that is only true if you don't work on Saturdays.